Mature Technology 3

Last time we focused on tablets: the so promising versatile gadgets that should have replaced the laptop but instead carved their own niche. Tablets ended up as more threatening to e-readers and plain old books than laptops. And they stayed mostly at home. In order to make tablets truly portable we need an entirely new class of accessories (by portable we mean able to carry the thing in some other place than the bathroom).

But what about other portable devices? Many people like to play games during commute.  Which brings us to the portable game consoles. Nintendo 3DS is reported to have sold over 50 million units worldwide. Playstation Vita around 15 millions. Neither of these fits in real life pockets, and carrying a bag just for them can be inconvenient. That’s why we think they would do much better in a shoulder holster, it’s just the right size.

Another interesting category whose portability the Carter is here to rescue is that of slim cameras. The shoulder holster can accommodate a camera – preferably no more than 1 inch / 25mm thick – and a wallet. Just check the specs. The compact cameras carry some obvious advantages: on the (right) daylight conditions the images are comparable to those of any pro camera, and are way more flexible than the fixed focal lenght on your smartphone. If you need the zoom capability, many new compact cameras, with names straight outta nineties, coolpixes and finepixes, powershots and cybershots – can fit in.

Ever thought of a book as a portable entertainment device? Some of us still use the absolutely first category of smart objects. Many of those physical books fit in the Carter.

Next up, the big pocket killer, the phablet….

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