Leather crafting is a centuries old pursuit in Romania. From tanneries to leather craftsmen, we are using only local materials and refined craftsmanship. Our favorite is the vegetable tanned leather, a result of the slow method of natural tanning. A trademark of handcrafting, its color is not perfectly even, thus each piece has its own particularity, its own story. Its individuality will continue with you: it will darken over time and will become slightly more reddish as the leather absorbs your lifestyle.

We also use suede leather because of its particular tactile feel and the ability to preserve this feature for very long time unlike any microfiber or similar synthetic material. Your Carter Gear will keep its dignity over time and will not look like over-used even worn daily for years.


Like its owner, our accessories will need maintenance over time, especially our vegetable tanned leather. We use natural materials and a good care will help them last for very long time. Our vegetable leather has the full grain texture of the original hide. It preserve it’s uneven texture and markings, every single item we do out of this leather has it’s own individuality. Because this leather wasn’t treated chemically, water will be absorbed through the leather pores damaging the glossy finish and facilitating the appearance of fungus. It has a wax at the surface to protect the leather so a few rain drops will not harm. If somehow your accessory got soaked, please leave it dry slowly, don’t use a hairdryer or place it on a hot surface. After it’s dried, use a good quality leather repair wax. You can also contact us and we will help you restoring it.

Our black and gray leather is our suggestion for intensive outdoor use because they are coping well with water and don’t require maintenance. It’s surface is neat and even thus preserving the hide texture.

The suspenders absorb the weight of your load and distribute it over your shoulders for maximum comfort. They are the first to give signs of fatigue after a few years, depending on how you are using the holster. Don’t worry, changing them is a very simple operation which shouldn’t cost much money or time. You can fix any issue either at a local leather repair shop or by sending it to us.

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